take me to church

around this time, the freaks (read: roma and gayle) and i would’ve been busy planning which churches to cover for visita iglesia — a roman catholic tradition during the holy week to visit 12 (or is it 13?) churches in the hopes that by doing so, it would cleanse your soul and save you from eternal damnation.

i’m not going to sit here and allow you to assume that we’re very religious like that because we’re not. we’re far from it. if you really wanna know, we use the occasion as a perfect excuse to go on a road trip. and maybe drop by three or four churches along the way to appease our guilt before capping the day off at some beach somewhere down south.

missing cebu’s beaches is a given. but what i also miss are the old churches. because i’m a sucker for old churches. i don’t know why. the geek in me finds them fascinating. if not for their history or architecture, then for the amazing fact that they managed to survive all these years.

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug

church of patrocinio de maria, boljoonboljoon church cemetery

the church of patrocinio de maria, boljoon (beside it is the remains of what used to be a cemetery)

immaculada concepcion parish church, osloboslob cuartel

immaculada concepcion parish church, oslob and its cuartel

there are heaps more old churches around cebu and i regret not having pictures of them. maybe someday when i go back, i’m going to make it my mission to visit them all and actually take good, quality photos. well, jeff can. that is, if he doesn’t spontaneously ignite at the sight of them. he’s kind of allergic to churches. =p

17 thoughts on “take me to church

    1. Really?! Hahahaha. Chances are high that you’re right. I don’t even know how i came up with that number. Wild guess. Lol. Makilatan man jud ko ba.

    1. I miss it more! Nothing like spending holy week in cebu, even if everything’s all hot and sweaty. And i miss the churches there too. Even their smell. I don’t know why.

  1. I still continue church hunting when aj and i drive anywhere new. We discovered this cute little chapel up north geng. I’ll take you there nya. Its so solemn.nindot pakasal didto. Pero d lang sha old. Its a new structure but with really beautiful stained glass art!

    1. Really? Did you take pictures of it? Feeling nako daghan pa mga nice na churches we have yet to discover in cebu, especially up north since we didn’t really drive there that much.

        1. yep, puto geng. recipe ni nay cora. i had to adjust it though kay nanay usually makes 1kg’s worth of puto. i only make about 1 cup so it took a while for me to get it right. but i reckon it’s okay. wa paman sad nireklamo si jeff. maikog guro sha. lol.

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