april madness — manic phase


drove down south for a little road trip last weekend with the freaks — the road trip that almost never was for some crazy reasons the night before and the morning later. don’t ask. what matters is that the plan pushed through. and as they say, “all’s well that ends well.” whoever they are and whatever the hell that means.

molave milk station

stopped by that ice cream station in barili known for its, (duh!), ice cream. for about 6 months now i have been thinking of hopping on a bus with ram for an impromptu snack there. never happened. so when we passed by the place, i cannot not check their ice cream out.

so did i like it? well, i had the mango-flavored one which was good but man, eating it was like a f*cking marathon! i kid you not. their ice cream melts faster than you can even say “ice cream.” and it didn’t help that their cone was as flimsy as the tissue paper they gave us. by the time we were finished, our hands were sticky and i had ice cream drops between my toes. but that’s not to say the retards didn’t enjoy the sticky moment. sure brought out the kids in them — snot and all. lol.

molave milk station

gayle and i had fun acting out the instructions posted on the restroom door. we are crazy like that, although i oftentimes wonder if she’s merely acting because she’s so good at it. no effort at all! i’m scared for her, i really am. i’m scared for me too whenever she’s around. lol. but you gotta love the insanity!

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug, cebu

it’s official. i’m crazy about bell towers. i could stare at bell towers for hours — in the rain, under the sun, doesn’t matter. i love them.

because they are poetry to me.

because they make me stop and stare in awe.

because they are simply too beautiful to put into words.

because they make me daydream about colorful kalesas driven by white horses, women in their finest maria claras holding parasols in one hand and clutching to men in barongs in another while acknowledging the presence of handsome spanish priests with mesmerizing gray eyes and thick dark eyelashes.

st. francis of assisi church, dumanjug

never mind the stiff neck that i get taking pictures of them looking for the perfect angle. but you know what i realized when my neck was just about ready to snap from hyperextension?

dumanjug’s bell tower is something you have got to see for yourself. pictures don’t do it justice. seriously. i look at the white stone walls in relation to the entire tower and i can’t seem to take my eyes off it. i take a picture of what i was seeing, only to be disappointed that the preview photo was not the same as the one i had just witnessed. or maybe i’m a lousy photographer, period. lol.

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