april madness – depressive phase


further down the road, in contrast to the gray cement and the boring broken lines separating the two lanes that seemed to stretch on and on…

moalboal, cebu

we finally got to moalboal — where the sun was hot, the skies were blue, and the water turquoise clear!

moalboal. cebu

frolicked in the sun enjoying everyone’s company — cracking jokes, laughing like a bunch of retards, reminiscing the good ol’ days, laughing like a bunch of retards, sharing problems, laughing like a bunch of retards… the cycle went on and on.

moalboal. cebu

someday i’m gonna have a house by the beach. and i’d have walls like this one here too. and a wooden door that opens out to the vastness of the blue sea and the fine powdery white sand. i don’t care if i don’t have a pool. as long as i have a warm jacuzzi nearby, i’m cool. =)

moalboal. cebu

moalboal doesn’t really have spectacular sunsets but this’ll do. i mean, it’s better than nothing. but i still love this picture, though. there’s always something about sunsets that turns me on. makes me feel connected with the universe or something. i know it sounds crazy but it really has that kind of effect on me. like the world is sending me a message and i’m supposed to sit still and listen like a good girl should. so i listen with the attention similar to one with catatonia. the universe sings her song.

moalboal. cebu

halfway through her song she raps about seven friends who went on a trip down south who, on the day they were about to drive back home, discovered that their left rear tear had been deflated while they weren’t looking. they don’t know who did it but they have their suspect(s) — a psycho with a sick sense of april fool’s day humor that is two days late.

the universe continues to sing in between raps. i take my cue and surprise her with a breakdance. that shuts her up.

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