on that dreary morning

hong kong

it drizzled on our second day in hong kong. my sister had second thoughts going to macau but i couldn’t not go to macau on that day. i didn’t wanna let slash down. i mean, slash and i, we were good to go. ain’t no drizzle gonna stop us! right, baby? lol.

hong kong

i can’t remember the name of this road now but this is what kowloon looked like on that second day. now i understand why there is such a thing as seasonal affective disorder. cold, gloomy surroundings do make one S.A.D. more so if you live there, i guess. but for tourists like us, it was a complete departure from the warm, sunny mornings we are so sick of here in the philippines. at least the cold was there to greet us “hey, welcome to the other side of the world!”

hong kong

before we got lost (again!) in tsim sha tsui, i couldn’t help taking a picture of 1881 heritage, which is this really cool and posh building on canton road (the luxury strip). i liked it there. it whispers old grandeur which pulls me to it. but it was the carriage that did me in. i don’t know about you but it sure is an attention-grabber right there.

hong kong

stopped by the waterfront before going to the ferry terminal. i wasn’t kidding when i said hong kong’s spring was cold. this photo was taken sometime around 9am and they still had fog all around central’s waterfront! never in my life had i wished for more body fat to insulate me. the cold was more than my bones could take. lol.

hong kong

this is me looking like a character from the nightmare before christmas. it was taken in the macau ferry terminal. at this point, i should not have been surprised to discover that even their ferry terminals are clean and kind of airport-looking but there i was, still amazed of how tourist-friendly and clean their facilities are. i expected their terminal to look like, well, a regular pier terminal, but turns out it was in a building. we had to take the elevator to get to the right floor where the tickets were sold and where the immigration counters were located. like i said, airport-looking, with marble floors and travellators and such.


after about an hour of boat ride, macau greeted us with her version of portuguese-inspired buildings which looked like doll houses from where we were sitting.


but i loved them. it was the closest i could get to europe then. someday, i kept telling myself, it would be the real thing. but for now, i’ll have macau. (hey, i rhymed! hehe.)

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