largo do senado

largo do senado

the very minute i stepped off the bus, i fell in love with macau. and to think we weren’t even in largo do senado yet! well, we were somewhere close by but the walk going there was just wonderful! i could feel the city’s energy in the cobbled steps, the buildings and the architectural designs, everything! i’ve never been to europe but if that’s what europe feels like, then i am so there!

largo do senado

largo do senado (senado square) may be crowded with tourists but it was captivating nonetheless. i loved everything about it! i stopped counting the number of times i uttered the word “wow!” in my head. because really, it’s a wonderful place to be, notwithstanding the cold.

largo do senado

another thing i loved about largo do senado was the harmonious infusion of the old and the new. mcdonald’s in a heritage building, starbucks in another, and all those buildings standing proud and tall and colorful through all these years.

largo do senado

and of course, there’s the language. it’s not spanish but it’s pretty close to it. i loved the way my tongue rolled with every pronunciation of the the r’s and the l’s. loved reading the words in every signage to myself, as if by doing so i am absorbing the language itself.

largo do senado

but if there’s one building there that i truly adored, it would have to be the giordano/bauhaus building, with its yellow and brown paint standing out among the rest.

largo do senado

i don’t know if i ever told anyone this but i have this thing for windows. i love looking at windows, old windows with intricate designs in particular. there’s just something about them. it’s kind of like the feeling of me looking in, wondering. curiouser and curiouser. you know how they say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul? well, think of it that way. only, we’re talking about windows in the literal sense. (why am i explaining myself again?)

anyway, point is, i love that building. yellow and brown contrast each other nicely. like white and brown. reminds me of those gorgeous windows in that ancestral house ram and i visited in negros occidental. it goes without saying that i like the color brown. because i’m boring like that. hehe.

balay ni tana dicang

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