visit to rosie’s

i promised to visit her sooner. and by that, i meant sometime after christmas but it never happened. got caught with road trips and nieces and packing and last-minute shopping before everyone flew out. she understood. said she knows what it’s like to have visitors over. bless her.

so the other day i finally made good on my promise. better late than never, hey?

visit to rosie's

she’s both a mother and a friend to me. she’s one of those few people i open myself up to and i love that she’s old enough to have experienced enough to offer me bits of advice here and there. no bullshits. she tells it to me straight up, but in a kind, grandmotherly way. you know what i mean?

with the rain pouring outside, we had a cup of tea and i had some of her german desserts, sharing a long heartfelt conversation about people and things and choosing happiness over negativity, not to mention star signs and how patient librans complement restless geminis. seriously, we could talk on and on and on. and it amazes me that even at her age, she’s still learning a lot about herself too.

so with all my philosophizing and deeply probing questions with regards to my own humanity, i guess i’m doing alright. there’s no need to know the answers right here right now because, i don’t know. life unravels in due time.

visit to rosie'svisit to rosie's

when she found out i could stay longer for dinner, she made these really yummy vegetable pastry. i had three. three! she promised to make spinach and ricotta cheese something the next time i drop by and already, i’m looking forward to it.