mong kok and its beef noodle soup

mong kok

so what does mong kok look like in broad daylight? well, it sure reminded me of colon street. or maybe just the area with the run-down buildings and all. my sister and i strolled around the inner blocks so we didn’t have any clear direction or anything. just, you know, feel the city’s vibe for what it really is when you take away the glamour of newly-erected glass buildings.

mong kok

time and again i find myself falling in love with the colorful signs. again. i don’t know why. my eyes just naturally gravitate to the neon green and pink posters plastered almost everywhere. maybe it’s because i have a boring personality. something about hong kong’s vibrant colors intrigue me. which goes to show that opposites do attract.

mong kok

look what i found in the sidewalk — binangkal! hehe. or maybe it’s butchi? i may never know but it sure is fun when you see something in a foreign land that reminds you of home.

mong kok

although these vending machines were pretty alien to me. i had to go take a closer look to see if they were selling what i thought they were selling. indeed, they sold umbrellas and printer inks through vending machines too. and there i was, a complete probinsyana, finding it rather odd how vending machines can sell non-foodstuff too.

mong kok

but you know what i really loved about mong kok? the beef noodle soup, baby! it was sooo good! the hot soup was perfect for the cold weather. the beef was tender, the noodles chewy, the taste just right. for HK$20 you got yourself a meal. and a real good one at that!

we ate in behalf of mommy, who had only three requests prior to our flight: (1) stay safe, (2) do not spend too much, and (3) MUST TRY their noodles! i love my mom so i dutifully did the odd numbers. as for the even number, “mommy, unsa man sad among i-gasto?!” lol.

mong kok

actually, my sister and i stumbled into this sidewalk eatery by accident. we had no idea how to order. nobody spoke english except when the cook noticed us looking dumb and clueless on our seats. he must have took pity on us so he spoke the one word which was our only form of redemption — “BEEF?”

honestly, i didn’t know what exactly he was gonna serve us but i am familiar with beef so automatically, i said yes while holding up my index and middle fingers. (peace out?! lol.)

and that’s how we discovered the delicious beef noodle soup without really ordering it explicitly. haha.

mong kok

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