9 out of 10 you’ll love this song in a heartbeat

and i say that with utmost conviction. because knowing me, i’m not really one to rave about a song straight away unless i really, really mean it.

and i really, really mean it.

you will listen to this song and i’ll give you 1 minute to fall in love with it. although i have a feeling you won’t need the whole 60 seconds to get hooked.

because in my case, the very first line was all it took before i was like, WOW! as in all-caps WOW!!! embellished with exclamation points galore.

but the part where my jaw really hit the floor?

when i found out that she’s only 12 fucking (sorry) years old! factor in the fact that it’s an original that she herself wrote and i was totally blown away.

what the hell was i doing at 12?!

check out the behind the scenes as well, while you’re at it. we shot it at this really cool abandoned building in thomastown which used to be a denim factory. now it’s nothing more than a junkie’s lair slash a photographer’s heaven — for its beautifully ugly graffiti; the rusty broken windows filtering some light through; the shattered glasses on cracked concrete; skeletons of cars ravaged by neglect.

sitting there playing headquarters to everyone’s bags (my role as a fellow artist), the irony dawned on me: the rebellious ones break the law and vandalize a property that isn’t theirs, creating some form of art out of the mess which the law-abiding ones use a background for their craft. it’s pretty deep, if you catch my drift. (also, if you happen to think like a psycho.)

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