I laid on Jeff’s merbau decking, noticing the maple leaves in the backyard as if for the first time. Realizing how the colours of autumn are more than just red, yellow, and brown. That there’s a touch of purple in there, as well. A violet so dark and deep it’s more red than blue.

I love autumn.

Autumn saw me and Jeff start a relationship. She heard our wedding vows. She was there the first time I held Raven in my arms.

On this day, Raven turned six and was at school. I spent the afternoon in the backyard soaking the last bits of sun before the wrath of winter fully kicks in. Before I picked Raven up from school so we can buy the sheep cake that she wanted to get at Bonbon’s Bakery for her birthday celebration later that night. A simple dinner she requested of deep fried pork, just the way her Papa cooks it. Just the way she likes it.

A home-cooked meal shared with the family. It’s the simple things in life that Jeff and I want to ground Raven in. For her to anchor her happiness in the things that truly matter. The rest is just extra. She knows already that she can only get presents on her birthday and during Christmas and she’s okay with that.

On this autumn day, just like every day whatever the season, I thanked the universe for giving me such a beautiful life.

Addendum: I found this video of Raven, taken the night before her 6th birthday. I had to add it in. Her cuteness here is so hard to resist!

*Raven at 6 years old

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