Of Unicycles and a Cat Cafe

While the rest of Australia celebrated ANZAC Day, Jeff, Raven and I were in my cutesy little car driving up to Doncaster to buy a unicycle.

You read that right. A friggin’ unicycle. Jeff found it for sale on Gumtree and he just couldn’t resist.

“What do you need a unicycle for?” I asked, visions of Charlie Chaplin on a unicycle crossing into the tightropes of my mind. I swear to god, at the rate we’re going, we’re gonna be a circus family. Jeff on unicycle, me with my hula hoops, and because we couldn’t decide yet on what Raven was gonna be, we told her she’s gonna be the monkey.

Something she vehemently protested because she wanted to be the hula hoop girl. I told her there can only be one hula hoop girl, which is me, but then she said I should be the monkey so, I don’t know. We haven’t settled it yet on that score.

Maybe Jeff can be the monkey on a unicycle and we’ll both be hula hoop girls. Either that, or I can just have my own tarot tent in the corner and leave the entertaining to them. We haven’t even set up our circus company yet and already we’re having issues with creative differences.

“I need to study how it works,” he said. An answer I almost forgot to write because I got a bit side tracked just before. “It’s an electric unicycle and I wanna study it so I’d know what my eblades will be competing against.”

So, yeah, Jeff’s building the wheels of the future which, in my humble opinion, has a huge potential for changing how transportation works. I may not understand the entire concept 100% even though he tries his best to explain each and every development to me but I support him 101%. After all, behind every successful man is a sugar mommy so that’s my role in his journey.

Anyway, I’ll let you know if he makes it big. You know, when my Suzuki Alto grows up to be a Porsche. But for now, life is good. Couldn’t be better. I’m happy.

We stopped by at my sister’s new place on the way back as we’ve all never been. Yes, she moved out already. Raven misses her rainbow pancakes.

I could tell Raven was so excited to see her. When she gets in that mode, I can feel her energy coming through the silly faces she makes and the giddiness she displays. She loves her auntie. Either that, or she’s excited to see the apartment she will be having sleepovers at in the future.

While waiting for El to answer my call so she can open the door for us, Jeff decided that the light by the fire hydrant wall was a perfect spot for a photo, angling my body this way and that to allow for enough light to reflect on my natural shyness.

As it was a holiday and all and most restaurants were closed, the cafe down the road from my sister’s place was full. So we drove up to this shopping strip in Malvern and found ourselves in Peter Cat Cafe where the decors were all cats, cats, and more cats. Because Raven.

As per usual, Raven drew while waiting for our order. She then “donated” her art to the cafe for them to hang on their wall together with the rest of the other notes and messages there written by their happy customers.

*Raven at 5 years old

4 thoughts on “Of Unicycles and a Cat Cafe

    1. We sure did! But guess who had to bail Jeff out after work when his unicycle ran out of battery. Dude better strap on a solar panel on his back next time so I wouldn’t have to come rushing to pick him up on the side of the road. Lol. But, yeah, it’s all good. 🙂

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