Pray tell.

Guess who just spent her day off going from one Coles to another hoping to grab a box of Dilmah Tea that is currently on special. I swear to god, if the half-price isn’t worth the petrol, then I have reason enough to believe that I may be suffering from a mild form of OCD.

Yep, so that was my morning. Gone. My day off spent chasing tea.

I lead a very exciting life.


Today is Jeff’s birthday. He’s 41 now. I tell him I can’t believe I’m married to an old man. He tells me that I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself.

I tell myself I’m perfectly alright without him. A truth that may or may not be a lie as I kind of like having him around. Driving me around when he’s not driving me insane.

He makes me laugh. That’s something. Actually, it’s a big thing. But sometimes he doesn’t get my jokes. Fair enough, as they tend to get morbid.

He’s a very passionate person. Alive. Animated. His speech is rainbows and confetti. An absolute gay parade. He’ll charm the hell out of you if batteries and solar powers are your thing.

Unfortunately for him, I’m about as lively as Morticia Addams on weed.

Having said that, he’d be perfectly fine without me too.

And that breaks my heart.

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