who’s the most stupid?

the most stupid personality test

there’s this thing making the rounds on facebook that really got my attention. i know, i know. i can be kind of a sucker for these personality tests but i reckon they’re fun. i don’t take them seriously, of course, but it’s crazy how sometimes the results can be pretty spot-on.

like, woah!

you know what i mean?

so anyway, this picture really got my brain cells going. for the record, i was torn between #1 and #4 but decided that the latter has got to be the stupidest of the bunch for the sole reason that he’s deliberately putting himself in danger. he ought to know better.

the former might seem equally stupid too for his gross ignorance but it’s not like he’s in control of the situation. it’s just his bad luck to be stuck there.

jeff picked guy #3 for reasons i can no longer remember but can only exclaim, “seriously? why?!” because as far as i’m concerned, that bastard holds the safest position of them all. and at the sturdiest part of the tree, too.

you might have a different answer but apparently, your choice reveals your personality type, according to this website:

If You Chose No. 1

Unfortunately, you are a person who often gives up. You think you cannot influence the situation anyway, so you accept the terms you are given. You never argue and generally prefer to behave quietly and peacefully, because quarrels and scandals make you sad. You are a very kind and honest person.

If You Chose No. 2,

You are the person who sometimes makes hasty decisions. You do not give yourself time to analyze the situation, so you make mistakes that could be avoided. Many people find you stubborn though.

If You Chose No. 3,

You are an impulsive person who always goes to the end. You never give up and always fight for your rights to the last moment. You can become an excellent businessman, as thinking over strategies is one of your hobbies! In this area, you could definitely succeed.

If You Chose No. 4,

You are a real rebel! Sometimes you are ready to fight even against yourself, just to prove something. All these “games” make you stop thinking rationally though. You are a born revolutionary.

hmmm… a real rebel, huh? i don’t know. maybe i am, maybe i’m not. i was more inclined to say that word hardly describes me at all but if i really think long and hard about it, in a minute way, i guess i kind of am. because at the moment, i am in the process of proving something to myself. and damn right i’m ready to fight for it!