Too Old For Playschool Now

I should’ve taken notice of the cues. How her choice of TV shows has changed dramatically in a span of a year. She still likes Bing and Hoopla Doopla, though. But I reckon she likes them because I like them. It’s those shows we watch together on the corner of the couch. Sometimes she asks to sit on my lap. Other times she wants the corner spot all to herself.

It’s been a while since Raven has watched Playschool. Every time it’s shown on ABC Kids, she ignores it in lieu of playing with her Legos. Only looking up once in a while at the television to check if it’s finished.

And yet I bought Playschool tickets as soon as I received an email marketing 2021’s concert dates and venues. Last year’s were cancelled altogether, because COVID. The last Playschool concert we went to was two years ago and I don’t know about Raven but I had so much fun. Sometimes I wonder if I buy tickets for her benefit or for mine. Maybe both. Jeff is an accessory. Our dedicated driver slash photographer although lately, I noticed he hasn’t been doing much picture-taking and I have been reduced to using my phone.

As if it matters.

As if I blog conscientiously anyway.

But, yeah. I thought it would be fun. And it was, to an extent. Not as fun as the last time but maybe I expected too much. Maybe — subconsciously — I thought I could hold on to Raven’s toddlerhood for just 45 minutes longer.

Between moments of her mildly interacting with the hosts, she seemed bored. Either that, or she was just too shy to sustain the momentum of jumping up and down, dancing around, or waving her hands up in the air the way the other kids enthusiastically participated.

Jeff and I concluded that that was her last Playschool concert. A bittersweet verdict. Our baby is growing up.

Wore this matching knitted ensemble today. Vintage. A hand-me-down from my friend Rosie who said she was my size fifty or so years ago. I haven’t seen her in ages. I suddenly thought about her while getting ready, thus, the OOTD. I should visit her soon. She’s been a mother to me since I arrived in Australia.

*Raven at 4 years old

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