Sprinkles on my cupcake

I am this close to ordering a bottle of de Atramentis Document Ink in violet as a Mother’s Day present to myself. I just spent about an hour reading reviews on Reddit and the only thing that’s stopping me from getting it aside from the fact that I don’t really need it is that I already bought myself a Mother’s Day present three weeks ago: a cross between a fluffy blanket and an oversized hoodie popularly known as the oodie.

And because what mother could be so selfish as to keep herself luxuriously warm during wintertime while her child is bundled up in rags layers, I decided to buy one for Raven as well. So we could go twinning and all.

Jeff found out and he wanted one too… so there you go. My Mother’s Day present for myself turned into a Christmas kris kringle for the whole family, except that I didn’t even get a set of generic hand lotion in return.

But it’s all good. Because delivery for kids’ size oodies won’t be until the 28th of May and my order was bundled up with Raven’s, I have been wearing Jeff’s since the day it showed up on our doorstep. He can have this back when I get mine, ink stains and all. I’m just warming it up for him.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Raven’s kindergarten class organised a cupcake-decorating activity to celebrate the special women in their lives, denoting inclusion of female figures who might not be their moms but fulfill the role just the same.

“The kids made these cupcakes today,” Raven’s teacher proudly informed us, serving us one each.

On the table were bowls of colorful sprinkles, tiny blue, pink, and yellow flower icing, and frosting that was probably meant to be blue but came out a shade between turquoise and teal. The red frosting, on the other hand, was a shade too pale it was almost pink. Either way, both were quite runny. Perfect for drizzling.

I had grand plans of turning my banana cupcake into a cutesy cat with a hat but later gave in to whatever was taking shape in front of me. It is what it is.

Meanwhile, Jeff couldn’t care less about decorating and inhaled his in one go. “Yum!” he exclaimed, “Nothing like eating a cupcake made by kids with their dirty fingers!”

*Raven at 5 years old

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