one baby step at a time

she’s starting to take a few steps. maybe one or two before she lets herself fall to the floor to resume crawling. she can balance herself pretty good now when standing. i guess it’s only a matter of time before she actually starts walking.

only a matter of time before i start chasing her around the house and trying to keep my eyes glued on her lest she touches things she shouldn’t. or worse, puts things in her mouth the way she enjoys doing now, at the risk of choking or poisoning.

only a matter of time before i’d sort of wish she couldn’t really walk yet so i could just park her in her playpen while i do productive stuff. like shower. but who am i kidding? even i have to take her to the shower with me. thus, how her stationary baby bouncer has become a fixture in our bathroom.

but we both love it when i take her out to walk in the shops. last sunday, she was swimming at kmart. well, she walked for a bit before she figured she’d rather mop the floor instead. with her body. commando style.

i love watching her hold on to jeff’s legs while they both walk in tandem. i reckon father and daughter teams are the cutest! she is his kryptonite and they both know it.

something she takes advantage of while he renders himself powerless over her charms.


*raven at 1 year & 1 month old

4 thoughts on “one baby step at a time

  1. Raven looks like the kid who dares go do anything – happy to do anything and go and get it. Also looking very happy in the sunshine out and about. Haha, I didn’t know you could swim at Kmart 😊

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