jeff’s 36th

i honestly didn’t know what to get for him. i mean, what do you give to a guy who pretty much has everything, except for a million dollars so he could retire comfortably?

but even if i had all the money in the world, between cold hard cash and a matching pair of soft warm thermals, i’d still opt to give him the latter. which i did. because true love. also, because i obviously don’t have all the money in the world. which brings us back to true love.

i also wanted to buy him dozens of mangosteen but i looked everywhere at dandy market and couldn’t find any. i didn’t know exactly how to feel about that. my emotions were a cross between disappointment and relief. all things considered, if i have to pin my feelings down to just one emotion, i guess i felt relieved. loaded with benefits as those tropical fruits are, at $14/kilo, they’re fucking expensive! and i wanted to buy HEAPS! you know, for the wow factor.

but if wow factor was what i was going for, i didn’t need to look far. i’m smug enough to say i’ve given him the bestest gift he could ever ask for. valid for the next 18 years. so until then, this baby has got me covered. sweet as deal.

jeff's birthday

for his birthday, jeff decided to celebrate it at caribbean rollerama. what better way to welcome old age than to mix good old-fashioned fun with just a tiny hint of regression? i kid. i reckon skating is so much fun IF you know how to skate.

i’m not there yet but i brought my moxis with me, just in case. i don’t know why i bothered. as the birthday celebrant’s wife, i became the event organizer by default. not exactly my strongest suit but times like that you have no choice but to step up to the plate. i did manage to forget to bring serviettes. something i only remembered when raven knocked a cup on the table, spilling sprite everywhere before dripping into my jeans.

not only did i not get to skate, i also had to go home real early. it was past her bedtime and she didn’t take a nap in the afternoon so she was starting to get cranky as hell. although it’s weird how she didn’t act out when she was with her dad. maybe because he took her for walks around the place. she likes that. such a daddy’s girl.

jeff's birthday

all in all, it was a pretty good night. one of jeff’s friends who’s a vlogger was there doing a live younow broadcast. i’m not very familiar with it but she said it’s similar to facebook live. it’s a concept i’m still trying to wrap my head around.


can’t believe jeff and i are hitting mid-30’s already!

jeff's birthdayjeff's birthdayjeff's birthdayjeff's birthday

like i said, i had to leave early to get raven to bed. i’m not gonna lie. i was kinda bummed about that. i wanted to have fun too. but what can you do? motherhood forces you to be responsible, whether you like it or not.

i know i may complain about not having as much freedom as i had before but you know what, she makes me take back every single word.

jeff's birthday

*raven at 1 year & 1 month old

2 thoughts on “jeff’s 36th

    1. you’re right on the money there!

      it’s weird how things are called differently down here. we’re so used to american terms that i have to take note of their aussie version.

      either that or bisdak lang jud siguro ko kay even if american english maglisod siguro gihapon ko. lol.

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