things that happen on a basketball court

before i got pregnant, i used to be jeff’s assistant when he’s out doing gigs. i played the valuable role of security, which we loosely dubbed as “headquarters.” i made sure everyone’s belongings were safe. i also made sure to stay alive to live through my duty without accidentally dying of hypothermia because majority of the time, we shot outside. i reckon i was a very good HQ. irreplaceable, if that.

this was our first time to come and join jeff on his gig, raven and i. i was confident to bring her along because

(a) it was just going to be a quick and easy one;

(b) it was going to be indoors; and

(c) he promised me pho after.

the relationship of the couple we shot at the time grew because of these dance classes. it was really fun to watch. they weren’t just for couples because i saw some mother-daughter team too which, i reckon, is a nice way to spend quality time with your kid before they become teenagers and decide activities like that are lame.

i’m not much of a dancer but i giddily told jeff we should join one session one day, just for kicks. i can’t remember his reply but he’d probably do it in a heartbeat if it involves rollerblades.

*raven at 11 months old

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