a typical family (sun)day

walks around dandenong. jeff skating while i’m pushing the pram. posing for pictures while an indian guy walking past makes eye contact before giving me the thumbs up for unknown reasons which puts me in an awkward spot so i tell jeff to hurry up fussing with his camera already and just take the friggin’ picture. lunch at that indian place i told you about. again. because i’m a sucker for spicy goat curry. or anything spicy, really.

except that on this day, it was windy as. raven seemed to love it, though. sneezing once in a while when the sun hits her face. a genetic quirk she got from her dad because i don’t get the same reaction when i’m exposed to the sun. (what i do get is a headache when i’m sleeping/napping with the sun’s glare directly on my face.)

so while jeff was out there somewhere doing his thing and footy fanatics were having a barbie or whatever it is that they do to celebrate the long weekend, raven and i bonded on a park bench while i talked to her about windy days and dancing trees and leaves whispering secrets to each other. you know, typical make-believe stories i can’t wait to tell her more of when she’s older. and more gullible.

i could’ve talked to her about australian football too, for relevance, but i know nothing about the game. the one and only time i watched footy was in 2013 and even then, i couldn’t understand a thing. what i can tell you from that experience is that the players’ thigh muscles look about as solid as an arabian horse! i kid you not.

anyway, that pretty much capped our footy weekend. don’t ask me who won. i don’t even know who played.

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*raven at 5 months old

12 thoughts on “a typical family (sun)day

  1. It has been windy over the last few days! Hope the baby wasn’t sneezing because of hay fever and it was just the sun…which seems weird. Lol. Maybe the Indian guy just wanted to tell you he thought your family is cute…but yeah… A bit unsettling 😀

    1. I get very self-conscious when jeff takes my photos in public so to have that guy giving me a thumbs up was definitely unsettling! I’m used to people just minding their own business while i stand there looking like an idiot with a smile frozen on my face waiting for jeff to take my picture. Hehe.

      Sometimes i wish i had the confidence of those fashion bloggers who seem to effortlessly strut their moves in front of the camera. In public.

      I’m guessing you can be quite camera-shy too. I rarely see you post photos of yourself on your blog, if at all.

      1. Haha. Fashion bloggers will be fashion bloggers. They must have practised their moves and they pose all the time. Or maybe they just feel very natural to be in front of the camera. Jeff takes very good photos of you, by the way 😉

        Oh, haha. My blog is not really about me so that’s why I don’t put photos of myself there. I post them on my private socials 😀

        1. It’s always a treat to see photos of you on your blog once in a while. I’m trying to remember which post where you had a photo of you in it but i don’t really remember. Maybe you never did and i just hallucinated the whole thing. Lol.

          1. LOL. I think that last time I posted a photo of myself was last year in a post in March, the post where I had photos of dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling. And it wasn’t even a main photo – it was a photo in the gallery 😀

    1. The fashionista in you approves? Lol. Pasado ra geng? 😁

      I’m loving the outfits you’re wearing too. Those that i see on instagram. I know i keep telling you this but among us all, you’ve always been the fashionista one. I was pretty much late in the game. Namawi si ati. Hahaha

    1. Raven smiles a lot as I can see from these images.., she sure enjoys the sun, or perhaps the outdoor too!

      she does. she likes being outside. i just wish melbourne’s weather is as good as the kind you have up there in sydney.

      thank you for sharing the link to your latest post. it’s cool how you get to go to these posh events although to be honest, you had me at fresh oysters… like, omg!

      1. Although Sydney has a mild weather, BUT it’s so over priced here!!! I’m actually considering moving to the countryside of NSW in few years time. And those events are great, well I’d love to think those oysters and champagne are free but they are not, just see/read the write up I do for them each time (and link back ext…). What do they say? “There’s no free lunch.” So very true!!!

        Viv X

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