girly tweeted about how she’s into “landslide” right now. the song.

i immediately tweeted back, “the one by smashing pumpkins?”

she was like, “nope. stevie nicks.”

who the fuck is stevie nicks?! so, as a good, know-it-all friend who wants to educate her in music history, i told her to listen to smashing pumpkin’s version. the original version, i said.

she basically LOL’d at me.

“stevie nicks IS the original!”

the bitch. hahahahahaha.

i told her to listen to smashing pumpkins’ anyways. see which one she likes better. because i listened to stevie nicks’ and hands down, smashing pumpkins totally smashed it, baby!

and also because i’m a sore loser.

gawd. i remember the time this song used to haunt me like a nightmare, except that i was living in it. the relationships you get into when you’re young and stupid.

enough said.

4 thoughts on “landslide

  1. Such a great song! It has been covered quite a bit, and the first version I heard was the ony by Dixie Chicks, the country girl band. But the Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac version certain is the best one and it has a certain grunge and attitude to it. I remember the TV show Glee did a pop version of it. Not sure how I feel about it but yeah, I tend to like originals over the covers. Nothing like the originals that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

    1. off the top of my head, the cover songs that i like more than their original versions are:

      1. landslide -smashing pumpkins; and
      2. skinny love – birdy
      3. blackbird – sarah mclachlan (sorry, beatles. have you heard it? omg, it puts me on emo mode in no time!)

      i never really watched glee but it’s good that they cover older songs too so that the younger generations get acquainted with them and how good music was back then too when it wasn’t all about booties and sex.

      1. Ah, I too love Birdy’s version of Skinny Love! I do like Bon Iver’s version a lot, though.

        One my favourite songs of all time is Complicated by Avril Lavigne. For a long, long time I never thought anyone could do a good cover of it. Personalyl I think many on YouTube try to sound too ‘Avril’. Then the other day Andie Case did a cover and I love it 😀 ❤

        1. there are heaps of really good cover artists on youtube. have you heard of jasmine thompson? she’s really good as well. and she’s young! all these talented artists getting younger and younger.

          i don’t know if you’ve read this post i wrote several months ago. jeff did this shoot for this melbourne-based artist, allegra. and omg, the first time i heard her song, i thought it was by some twenty-something girl who has at least known a bit about life.

          guess what, she’s 12. 12! amazing.

          i don’t know if you’re into these kinds of song but maybe you can have a listen and see if you like it. =)

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