YOGAtta do what YOGAtta do. (sorry, can’t get any more lame than that.)


so i finally enrolled in a gym that’s about 5 minutes from our place. it’s about time. jeff thinks it’s absurd to spend money on gym memberships when you can do it at home and he does have a point — IF you’re self-motivated enough.

which i’m kind of not.

they say that physical fitness is more like a mind thing. sort of like a mental workout. that if you THINK about gaining muscles, your body’s subconsciously doing all the workout for you.

i reckon it’s bullshit. if it were true, i’d have the physique of a fucking bodybuilder right now already. oiled muscles shining and all.

i do seriously wanna get abs though. it’s always been a frustration of mine. i don’t even care if i’m the only one to see it. i’m doing it for myself. you know, for those times after shower when i perve on myself and mentally say shit like, “damn, you look hot, girl!” those are on the good days which happen like, close to never.

reality is, it’s more like, “meh. you’re alright. but where your abs at?!”

the first class my sister and i joined was yoga. it was okay, except that i couldn’t hear shit! the instructor had this really soft zen-sounding voice with a thick european accent that i found myself focusing more on what she’s saying than on what i was doing. which wasn’t much, really, to be honest. because i also found that i couldn’t touch my toes without cracking open my spine and going home paraplegic.

that was my very first yoga session ever. at one point, i was so proud to be able to reach my forehead with my toes that i held that pose for a couple of seconds more just to “psst! psst!” my sister to get her attention so she could see. because i’m juvenile like that.

so far, i’m not really digging yoga. but it might be too early to make such conclusion so i’ll try again next time and see if i’d like it better then. my sister’s the yogi one. she’s into meditation and shit like that. i snuck a peek at her during that session and she looked freaking holy. like she was this saint about to be canonized or something. it was funny.

later on, after the class, she complained to me that the lady in front of her had smelly feet and it was all she could smell the whole time. it’s not supposed to be funny but it is.

no wonder she looked like a saint. that was her little stint at martyrdom right there.

geez. this post is getting too long already. and we haven’t even touched on my aqua class yet!

next time maybe.

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