raven’s first day in the city

it was a relatively warm sunday last week. of course, the typical libran that i am, i was torn between going and not going with jeff to the city. mainly because even until now, i’m still not that confident at breastfeeding in public. i know that sounds like it’s no big deal but it is to me, and probably to a lot of first-time moms out there who cannot just whip out their boobs at their baby’s first sign of hunger.

it’s been a gradual process. after voluntarily subjecting me and my kid to a lockdown for several weeks, we moved to walks around the block (after i got the hang of using the pram) and then progressed to going to malls where there are parents rooms available should you need them. the first time i went in one, i was actually impressed. inside, there are what looks to me like fitting rooms complete with comfortable chairs and curtains for privacy if you wanna breastfeed. they also have changing tables, spacious toilets that can fit you and your pram if you or your kid needs to go, and a play area. and it was very clean too. very well-maintained. but then again, that was in fountain gate. i can’t really say the same to the one in dandenong plaza but i can’t complain. it serves its purpose too.

so, yeah, last sunday was another baby step for me as far as breastfeeding in public goes. the moment you see me with my boobs hanging out oblivious to the rest of the world, you can bet my game’s already pretty strong. either that or i have no more f*%&s to give.

remember that kimono i bought? well, it’s perfect as a nursing cover, alright! i’m really happy with it. i asked my sister to take a photo of me using it and by the looks of things, it gives a pretty good coverage. keeps both of us warm too, which is definitely a plus in my book.

raven's first day in city

it’s been such a long time that i’ve been to the city. the moment i saw her, i was like, “you gotta love melbourne.” something i say every time i go there. because, really, melbourne IS amazing!

royal exhibition building, melbourneroyal exhibition building, melbourne

jeff took some really nice photos of the royal exhibition building. one of my favorite buildings in melbourne. you should see the inside. it’s grand and it’s breathtaking!

but jeff doesn’t really care about its history or its interiors as much as i do. he goes there to skate. his sunday thing. and he wants me to learn too so we can all go together as a family because as soon as raven can so much as take her first step, he’d probably strap her in a pair of roller blades straight away if he can help it.

i saw this toddler on a scooter and omigod, it was the cutest!!! can’t wait to get one for raven when she’s old enough. (and maybe get jeff to get one for me as well because it’s fun. he said he would but he’s getting the one with the storage compartment for our stuff. even then i’d still be headquarters.)

all in all, it was a nice day. i’m glad i went. =)

raven's first day in the cityraven's first day in the cityraven's first day in the cityraven's first day in the cityraven's first day in the cityraven's first day in the city

*raven at 3 months old

2 thoughts on “raven’s first day in the city

  1. I just realized I had stopped getting notifications of your blog posts … I can see in the Reader that I’m still following you, but there must be some glitch. Anyway, congratulations on the birth of your baby! I will have to go through some old posts to find out exactly when that happened. Hope all is going well with your growing family!

    1. thank you. we’re all doing fine. it’s amazing how having a kid suddenly hastened my maturity, relatively speaking. hehe.

      see you around wordpress!

      p.s. there was no glitch. that was me being lazy and inconsistent with my posts. lol.

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