what every girl wants: a guy who can cook

on this night, i just came home smelling of chlorine from aqua class. he wanted to cook straight away as he was getting hungry. in the middle of preparing the ingredients that he needed, i told him how my class went and how fun it was because for somebody who can barely swim, i love being in the water. warm water, specifically. (i'm notorious for taking really long showers but i can't help it. life is too complicated to philosophize under 5 minutes.) now, you've probably heard of aqua exercises. it's kind of self-explanatory but i'll describe it to you anyways: you exercise in water. in my gym, we did it in a heated pool where it's nice and warm. (getting out was a bitch.) you take a spot among the other grandmas and you're given these floater dumbells or whatever you call them and you think it's gonna be easy. well, you're wrong. because it was freakin' hard! the dumbells might not weigh much in air but pushing and pulling them against the water? you gotta give your hats off to those grannies.

like i said before, jeff’s been cooking dinner for us the last 2 months or so. i feel sorry for him having to cook after working all day but he assured me that it’s fun for him. that he enjoys doing it. so i let him be.

as much as i can, i try not to make it feel like a concentration camp. i entertain him about stuff that i learned from my readings or from the netflix documentaries i watched. he takes into consideration my thoughts about topics while injecting some of his own opinions as well. we like to pretend we’re very intellectual like that. discussing shit nobody really cares about anyway.

our topic on this night was a highly cerebral one: GIRLS LIKE MEN WHO CAN COOK. doesn’t sound like much but you have to agree that the subject on women is very complicated. almost like rocket science, even. it’s one of those things you can’t simplify mathematically.

but let’s just say this guy knows his shit.

he’s done the math.

no one knows women like this poofter does.


we had so much fun filming this that we’re thinking of doing another one again. i’m still thinking of a nice, juicy topic to grill him on. i like relationship topics the most because there’s a lot of gray area it’s perfect for a healthy debate. that, and religion. okay, fine, politics as well. #dutertealltheway

if you wanna join in on the fun and wanna put the chef on the hotseat, just send in your questions and we’ll see if he’s game enough to take the heat.

because in this household, we like our food spicehhh!

5 thoughts on “what every girl wants: a guy who can cook

    1. i had a little blog life crisis. something fresh. something new. hehe. glad you like it. i do too. much simpler like this.

      p.s. bisaya kaayo ko paminawon sa video! lol. mao na si jeff ra akong pastoryahon. hahaha.

    1. i guess the saying “the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach” goes for women too, hey?

      i saw your profile picture on your blog. looks pretty cool! =)

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