post-workout thoughts

it’s 8:39am. i just got home from the gym. i’m not a morning person but early mornings are the best time for me to go, even if i have to drag my sleepy ass out of bed. even if i spent some time during the night awake to nurse raven.

i’m actually kind of starting to love the routine of driving to the gym. the peacefulness of the streets. the quietness of the mornings.


although it’s always  fun blowing into the air and watching my breath form little clouds. i still get a kick out of that.

the workout in itself is alright. i’m not exactly ripped yet, i can tell you that much. my program’s for post-preggies so it’s pretty chill. and you know me. i like things chill.

at the rate i’m going, i’d probably get my dream abs in 10 years’ time.

believe it or not, i look forward to getting in the sauna. aka my chapel. those are my sunday worships right there. for some reason, i get very meditative and spiritual the moment i’m there and it’s all quiet because no one’s talking while waiting for the sweat to come. it never does. i don’t know why. (why is that?!)

my prayers are mangatungas monotonous. i just pretty much enumerate the things i’m grateful for, although it’s funny how the things i’m grateful for are mostly not things but people. i come home and lie next to jeff and start a litany of thank-you’s and i-appreciate-everything-you-do-for-me blah, blah, blah… all emotional and teary-eyed as fuck.

half-asleep, he just smiles and says, “it’s all good, mama.” before closing his eyes and going back to sleep again.

tomorrow, i’m taking him swimming with me. well, i don’t really swim. he does.

i just go there to float.

have a nice, sunny saturday, everyone! =)

2 thoughts on “post-workout thoughts

  1. Good you go going to the gym so early, non-morning person 😀 You must have felt productive, lol. I am not a morning person either and the other day I tried going to work earlier than usual…and didn’t feel perky throughout the whole day.

    Happy floating in the water. Spring is sooooo close!

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