a disclaimer. (and like all disclaimers, this is a lengthy one. nor does it have pictures.)

okay, so when i blogged about st. kilda, i wasn’t being very honest, owing to the fact that i can be notoriously private when it comes to disclosing what i feel are highly personal information about my life. sometimes i even wonder why i bother to blog at all considering how much i value my privacy and all that stuff only hollywood artists have the right to pine for. i’ve long since stopped counting the number of times i was asked why i don’t have facebook (i don’t.) or if i’m thinking of getting one (i won’t.). it’s not about being a rebel for coolness’ sake (as if NOT having a facebook account is cool when it’s apparently the most in thing to have) in an era where everyone, even your grandma, has facebook. it’s just that… i don’t know. i never really got around to do it and i doubt i ever will.

and at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, i do use facebook. jeff’s facebook. and only because of candy crush. (and perhaps a little bit of snooping here and there. lol.)

so, anyway, jeff wrote this really touching story of us and saved it on fb in case his computer crashes or in case his cat accidentally steps on the delete button. it’s a very honest piece, i must say. jeff has a way of putting magic on his words. he may not exactly be the writing kind (that would be me.) but he’s definitely the verbal kind (that would NOT be me.) which easily translates to his music and his songs which he does mostly on freestyle — something that truly amazes me because it’s not easy to come up with words that rhyme and turn them into sentences that turn into ideas that turn into lyrical expressions of one’s innermost thoughts and feelings while being constricted to a set of beats and all that simultaneously done in what seems like a prolonged breathing exercise.

now, where was i?

yep, st. kilda. you probably read that before here. that was me posting photos of st. kilda and its sunset, blabbing impersonal stuff and all that choo-choo. but you really wanna know what truly happened on that day?

here is jeff’s version of it:

Before we met we knew from a source of six degree of separation, one day a family member from Philippines contacted via social media she message me on chat line saying “ Kuya I have a friend and she is going to Melbourne to study’” “ and she needs some one to show her around during her stay.

To my excitement I said yes and that I would love to show her around, sure I said which lead to this story of us in deeper intimacy, I waited and waited till one night she massage me and stated Hey Jeff this is Jewey, Jan friend I staying at Heidelberg Highs right now my room mates and I are planning to visit the city this weekend any nice places you can recommend? .
Soon after that text message I called straight away and away I was taken by her sweet voice, that tone of lost and innocence I must admit I was drifting to her charm from that moment onwards I was driven to find out the face and facts behind her voice.
After an hours worth of conversation I was taken to my good intention to care for her as friends and show her the world here in Melbourne, the Saturday came and I call her to find out were she is and that we could meet were ever she was after updates and updates of her location we settle to meet at St Kilda Beach Peer.

So I arrived at the scene it was a warm afternoon just along the sunset I hoped out the van with a camera and proceeded to me meet her to my anticipation I walk the path alone the last time.
I called her and said hey Im here, were are you ? She reply im here at the beach to my irritation I was like were are you? can you emplane to me what you see she said there is wooden platform I reply im here at the deck by the footpath but the clusters of human traffic made it hard to pin point this person on the other line, so I then I said what are you wearing ? She replied I wearing a green dress and yes from a distance I saw the instance that drove my persistence.
So we walk towards each other at the base of the peer from their it was a mixed emotion of excitement that I’m finally here and that everything just seemed surreal.
The people around me didnt phased me the very thought on my head said Oh their she is and my heart felt this is the missing peace before it could beat again. I just knew as much as I was in denial with my brain my heart couldn’t restrain that moment when the world stops and that for that period
every thing in my soul seems clear in a vague abrupt concious state of mind, that you are meant to be were you are.

During her stay onwards since we first make physical contact my reaction direction of my love and affection was at her destination from then on.
We proceed in small Idle kind of shy approach from her end, and me and my canon 60D here Jewey can you hold my camera, can you put it in your bag ? She said “yeah but wait” let me take my one out first ohh how cute a baby Nikon P500 out of her bag I said can I look at your as she places my camera in her bag, in away it was kinda testing her if she could hold my baby, while I look at her little darling and its image. To me at the edges of the pier, It was dear sun set let us not forget to this day will may be the last of its dark moment but less we forget.
We spoke very briefly and in directional eye to eye it was kinda shy we walk along the edge of wooden pier along orange sky vivid blue water looking amongst her batch of class mate in wonders and dream within their composure, its so clear yet so vastly vague of what life is a head I was immersed – so cramped in their vibe, it give me a state of realisation of my role here on this planet earth St Kilda pier Melbourne Victoria where did my glory go I questioned, then snap I came out shell for all my pass time here in Melbourne came to my realisation as my history passed me by.
Im here to meet this Young lady I followed my journey now in a company of a shadow along side as the sun light dimmed and evening Rides lit up a bokeh of colours yet unknown.

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