fitzroy gardens

fitzroy gardens

having lived in the philippines practically all my life, there were so many times i wished for winter when summers got a little too extreme. i didn’t like sweating. i hated the humidity. i wanted to be able to wear scarves and beanies and look fashionably hot in all those layers.

suffice it to say that the moment i experienced winter in melbourne, i wanted all those back. sometimes the days got too cold. i hated that i didn’t sweat because to me, it felt like i wasn’t burning enough energy to melt away the fats i accumulated in and around my face and tummy. i yearned for the heat. and although i was able to wear scarves and beanies, i realized i kind of sucked at layering. more than anything, i just wanted to be in my shirt, shorts, and flip flops.

i wanted to be the tropical girl once again.

fitzroy gardens

but i have to admit i do like winter. not for the cold weather itself but for the glory of the trees when they’re bald and beautiful. like they’re shedding parts of themselves to welcome not only the birds but some nameless miracle the world is about to present.

kind of like their baptism.

fitzroy gardens

although you see seemingly dead trees everywhere, it’s more evident in the parks where a large number of trees grow together in the same area. there, too, you can witness the poetry of the branches like graceful bony hands reaching out into the heavenly blue skies for salvation.

poetry or not, they’re a sight to behold. and indeed, fitzroy gardens is a nice place to visit during winter, especially when it’s one of those warmer days where you can get by with just a tad bit of layering without getting pneumonia. or asthma.

because if the cold won’t kill you, walking will. sure, sure, walking is good for you but trust me, “taking a stroll” around fitzroy gardens is basically like going through a highly intensive workout. or maybe that’s just me because the moment i got home until the day after, my thighs were screaming for a massage.

fitzroy gardensfitzroy gardensfitzroy gardens

sore muscles aside, i was glad for that unanticipated but much-needed workout. because in the end, i looked about as happy as that piece of brick.

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