a gift to the children of melbourne

the fairies' tree

from afar, it looks like a dead tree stump so out of place from the rest of the healthy green trees littered around fitzroy gardens. but it’s not just one of those trees. my friend, trina, and i walked all the way from one end of fitzroy gardens to the other looking for that tree. and mind you, it was a long walk.

but i hold no regrets.

the fairies' tree

to some people, a single tree stump carved with images of elves and fairies might not seem much and perhaps i might be one of those people who easily gets amazed by the smallest and most insignificant of things but yeah, i was amazed, alright.

the fairies' treethe fairies' treethe fairies' treethe fairies' treethe fairies' treethe fairies' treethe fairies' tree

it’s one thing to look at the tree from a distance. but scrutinizing them from up close (well, as close as i could squint my eyes into them, i mean.) is a whole new ballgame. the carvings were just so intricate and i couldn’t help but applaud the artist for the amount of time and effort it took to bring all these characters to (albeit) still life for generations to come.

the fairies' tree

most of all, i love the message and the symbolism behind the fairies’ tree, however one chooses to understand it.

regardless, the child in me is blowing each and every one of you heaps of glittering pixie dust in pinks and purples. =)

4 thoughts on “a gift to the children of melbourne

    1. yep, it sure is! the engravings are so pretty you can’t help but take pictures of them. i reckon if you were to take photos of that tree, yours would come out even more stunning. =)

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