summer in the middle of winter

fitzroy gardens conservatory

unknown to many (and by “many,” i meant me.), fitzroy gardens actually has a conservatory which has been featuring gorgeous floral displays five times a year since 1930, which means that it’s on its 83rd run this year. pretty amazing.

fitzroy gardens conservatory

the moment i entered the enclosed building, the first person that came to my mind was my mom and how much she would love it here, the green thumb that she is. it was actually quite a peaceful place to be in, for some reason. like you could whip out your book from your bag, sit on one of the benches, and just read the day away.

either that, or you could just simply sit there and stare and the beauty around you.

fitzroy gardens conservatoryfitzroy gardens conservatory

3 thoughts on “summer in the middle of winter

    1. yep, sure is! the flowers and their arrangements were quite lovely. i can just imagine all the hard work and maintenance it takes to keep it beautiful.

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