st. kilda

st. kilda

weeks before coming to melbourne, i already did a little research on the interesting attractions the city has to offer — for free. (obviously, that’s how i roll.) st. kilda was one of them. it’s one of the beaches closest to the city, about 30 minutes by tram, if i’m not mistaken.

st. kilda

based on what i read online, i expected a lot from the place. but then again, no matter how high or low you set your expectations, if you’re a tropical girl from the philippines who has seen so many gorgeous beaches with the finest white sand that slip through your toes and fingers while lazing under the soothing (and sometimes irritating) heat of the sun, of course you’re bound to be disappointed. that’s a given.

st. kilda

but just when you’re about to conclude that there’s really nothing much to see, the sun goes down and the clouds do some sort of dress rehearsal in preparation for the final show of the day.

st. kilda

and before you know it, you’re looking at one of the most beautiful spectacles the heavens has to offer.

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