union lane

union lane

i’ll be honest. i still get lost in the streets of melbourne. i don’t know how long it would take for me to memorize each and every street because so far, it still feels like a maze to me. i could pass a certain street five or ten times and i’d probably be like, “oh, hey, i didn’t know they have that shop here!”

but to be brutally brutally honest, i kind of suck at directions.

yep, kind of.

big time.

union lane

but it’s not all that bad. because being lost in the city streets do have its own perks too. you discover a lot of interesting stuff while being lost. which is why i try not to panic when i do. i simply go with the flow and enjoy the unintended stroll for a while.

and then i panic.

but not before a little artistic stroke of serendipity.

union lane

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