i guess you can say i’m a frustrated artist. i mean, if there is one talent i’ve always wanted to possess, it would have to be painting. because there’s something about portraying the world in a piece of canvas, you know what i mean? or expressing the rawness of your emotions purely by color. in jeff’s words, “that’s intense, man!” but really, though, i would seriously love to be able to have that talent. or any talent, for that matter. as it is, i’m merely  a spectator in this world.


which is why i appreciate art when i see it. all kinds of art and artists enjoying their crafts. it’s fun when i’m not being bitter about my own, uh, artistic limitations (if i even have an ounce of creativity in me at all).

that must be one of the reasons that attracted me to melbourne in the first place. art is everywhere in this city! and here, you get to see the artists in action. for free. well, sort of. because they ask for monetary donations or sell their artworks or CDs or whatever. fair enough. artists may be willing to starve for their art but i reckon many of them would rather live for it and pay their bills in the process.


however, even with the city teeming with all kinds of artists (okay, buskers. but i don’t wanna call them that. especially so if they’re truly talented.), not all of them get the time of day from busy strangers or lounging tourists. so when i saw this many crowd around a group of guys performing at bourke street, i thought it might be worth a closer look. but i didn’t need to get close to hear such catchy music which immediately reminded me of my younger sister who adores aussie indie bands.



for her sake, i did get close enough to see who was playing. they’re called woodlock. and at the time, they played “lemons,” which i read from their website is about breakups and how they make you sour like lemons or something. but later on, they begin to taste like lemonades. or something. whatever. i don’t know if i even understood what i read right. lol. but it’s a pretty catchy song, i’ll give it that.

One thought on “woodlock

  1. i love the giraffe artist. was that water? in ny, they have this shadow painters on steel.. beautiful. i wasnt able to take a photo.. was too engrossed looking at what they were doing.

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