Year 1

I couldn’t get the day off and it wasn’t for lack of trying. It was more because of a lack of staff.

“You can come in at 10am instead,” my boss said. “It doesn’t really take that long to do first day of school drop-offs anyway.”

“But, Michele, I need the rest of the day off to be sooky!” I half joked. I was just about ready to call in sick one month in advance as my next option.

So, yeah, the effort was definitely there, alright.

But, no, I still had to come to work. Thus, the scrubs.

Having had a successful year in Prep, Raven was more confident in going to school and starting Year 1 this year. She was excited to see her classmates again and couldn’t wait to get out of my hug so she could get in line together with the rest of the kids, slightly bruising my ego but at the same time reminding me of how we only really have our kids for such a short time before they’re off into the big world by themselves.

I’m glad Jeff’s always there to do the school runs. I rarely get to, and Raven’s starting to notice. She said she likes it when I’m there to drop her off as well. Said she loves the little notes I leave for her in her lunch box. Said she misses me in the mornings.

I try to make it up to her as much as I can. At the end of the day, I reckon I’m an okay mom. Definitely not perfect but I honestly try my best to do right by her.

A for effort.

*Raven at 6 years old

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