My Blogging Station

For somebody who’s not even consistent with blogging, I actually have a blogging station.

Fancy me.

Everything about it is old, but it’s everything that I also love and appreciate. What can I say, my soul is vintage.

Even my laptop is vintage! So vintage it’s still running on bloody Windows 7 that even Windows can’t be bothered supporting it anymore. But hey, it still works. This used to be Jeff’s. I’ve been giving him hints for a couple of years now if maybe he’d give me one of his newer ones but either his heart is made of stone, or he has selective deafness.

Until then, I’m stuck with this mammoth machine because I’m too cheap to buy myself a new one.

Now this table I got from Jeff’s mom. It was her mother-in-law’s and had been sitting neglected in her garage when I asked her if I could have it as I was looking for another desk separate from my journaling one. From one daughter-in-law to another, she was happy to give it to me.

I am officially calling this table “The Mother-In-Law Table.”

The table has a lot of marks and scratches, with some bits missing or sticking out that either Jeff hammered back into place or I chose to accept as they are part of the table’s history.

It’s a beautiful table. Initially, I planned on sanding it down and giving it a fresh lick of varnish but then its patina has grown on me. To erase them would be a sacrilege.

My only issue with the table, though, was its height. Like me, it’s a bit on the shorter side. Which would’ve been okay if it came with a chair to match but beggars can’t be choosers so I put up with the tall dining one that I asked from Jeff’s mom again (she has a lot of spare furniture in her garage, okay?). But that chair hurt my back and became a hindrance to my blogging (excuses, excuses) so I have always been on a lookout for a new one.

And by “new,” of course I meant old. Because it has to match the aesthetics.

Yesterday, I found “the one” on Facebook market. Posted barely 5 hours, I messaged the seller if I could come pick it up tomorrow. By “I,” I meant Jeff.

So today, they’re finally here!

Yes, they. Because the seller was selling two(!) for $30.

What. A. Score!

The tub one I have decided to replace my journaling chair. Which is a shame, really, as it was pretty and all that, but the back bit wasn’t very stable. Leaning back against it felt like a Nestea plunge every time.

Let’s see if this new chair would inspire me to blog more often. If it doesn’t, well, we know what that means.

6 thoughts on “My Blogging Station

    1. in all honesty, i had to clear out some clutter here and there for that instagram-worthy look.

      linux mint. never heard of that but i’ll definitely look into it. thank you. i appreciate the info.


    1. To be honest, I’m quite happy with this old one. Like everything else around me, I’m vintage. It still works so I’m not complaining. My only gripe is I don’t blog enough.

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