My dad turned 73 years old last Friday. Or would’ve turned 73 had he, you know, not died. But my sister and I, we still like to celebrate the special dates. It’s our way of remembering and honouring him. Keeping him in our hearts and in Raven’s consciousness that once upon a time, she had an awesome grandfather who now guides her and loves her in spirit.

I don’t have pictures but I have some of when we celebrated his third death anniversary last December.


Is that even the right word to use?

Speaking of ‘special,’ this mustard cardigan falls into that category. A woman came up to me at the op shop holding it and said, “I think this would look good on you. And it should be your size, too. You should get it.”

She was right. It is my size and every time I wear it, I feel good knowing that I got it through a random act of kindness. A very simple gesture of reaching out to someone — albeit fleetingly — that makes a lasting impression.

I could marry the above concept with the fleetingness of life to give this post a little more cohesion but right now, I’m feeling a bit meh so I can’t be bothered. I’ll wait until Jeff arrives with my souvlaki and see if that helps with my current disposition. Either way, this post will already have been posted and there’s nothing much I can do but to suck it up, move on, and hope that the next blog post finds me in a much better place.

Whenever that will be.

*Raven at 6 years old

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