Op Shop Therapy

The souvlaki was good. But the Dr. Pepper was even better. It washed down the taste of the lamb and the bitterness at the back of my throat that caused my recent bout of existential crisis.

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and you feel a bit off? That was me today.

You working? I messaged Met-Met as I sat in my car after dropping Raven off at school.

She wasn’t. So we went op shopping near her place. Spent an hour and a half’s worth of labour in an alternative therapy where I not only save the environment, I also save on the cost of antidepressants and shrinks. As a bonus, I get to be stylish as well so… ding! ding! ding! ding!

Browsing through the racks, Met-Met and I talked about what life is like here in Australia. How we work so hard to pay the bills, only to one day end up in a nursing home. Between that, there are dishes to wash and washing to hang. A cycle that repeats itself in an endless loop unless you intentionally break the circuit with the help of your Higher Self and the universe. While you’re at it, call on the archangels and your spirit guides, as well.

Some days it’s a fucking battle.

But, here we are. This is today’s haul and I’m also excited for the palm wax and votive moulds that I ordered yesterday. It’s been a long time coming but I finally took the plunge: I’m going to be a candlemaker! Obviously not going to be as big as Tesla, but just enough to sustain my own demand for it. For now.

I need all the enlightenment that I can get.

I was pretty stoked to find the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland journal. It’s in very good condition and the most important thing is, there’s no writing inside. At all. Its previous owner must’ve just looked at it, flipped through the pages, and decided it wasn’t for them. This notebook was meant for me.

I drink coffee once in a while, thus the amber espresso cup I can only hope doesn’t have lead in it as it looks vintage. But aside from candlemaking, I also wanna learn tasseomancy as well. The turkish coffee gives me a chance to practice. Most of the time I have no bloody clue what to make out of all the random shapes I see on my cup but, whatever. It’s kinda fun,

Oh, yeah. The main reason I wanted to go to the op shop was to find a small saucepan to melt my wax in. I totally forgot all about that, didn’t I?

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