Wednesday Addams

I didn’t know what to make of it. We were at work when Cristina casually said after a handover, “You should watch Wednesday. She reminds me of you.” before walking away to attend to the next patient and leaving me stumped.

That statement can go a lot of ways, you know what I mean?

Because, sure, I love The Addams Family and have always felt a particular affinity for Morticia back in the days when I used to watch the cartoon series but at the same time, it’s not exactly a common compliment unless it was Halloween and I was wearing a costume.

“Does that mean I’m morbid?” I called out to her before she could walk any farther.

“Yeah, that too,” she replied.


It was several weeks before I actually took her suggestion. Halfway through the first episode, I was hooked.

So was Jeff, who wouldn’t let me start an episode without his permission and who would make me pause the show if he had to leave the couch to make himself coffee.

“Yeah…” he concurred thoughtfully, “You’re kinda like Wednesday, Boo.”

Just recently, I found out Raven is low-key obsessed with Wednesday. Must be the long school holidays and her watching all these Youtube videos because she hasn’t watched the show on Netflix. I didn’t think it was appropriate for her age but the internet didn’t care.

Now she knows the lyrics to the sped-up version of Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary as she plays it on Spotify. She dances to it behind half-closed doors, too. Once, I took a peek and it was such a beautiful thing to watch. In her black tutu dress with a nude-colored long-sleeved top, pigtails coming down both sides of her shoulders, she imitated the popular Wednesday choreography.

May your life be filled with moments like that, my love. Dance like no one’s watching.

I found this picture of her on my phone. One of those random selfies she takes and sends to her cousin in Cebu. She even edited it herself. Kids these days.

But, yeah, I still don’t know why some people associate me with Wednesday but I have decided to take that as a compliment. I’m choosing my own narrative.

To finish this rambling off, allow me to share with you some photos of that time I inadvertently ended up looking all Goth to a festive event back in 2021.

But seriously, though, if you’re not dressed in an all black ensemble to a Christmas party like I was, there’s something wrong with you.

Or maybe it could just be me?

*Raven at 5 and 6 years old

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