Crawling Out Of My Shell

I don’t know what I was thinking, to be honest. I just thought it would be fun. Kind of like giving myself permission to go out there and explore the horizon outside of these walls, if you know what I mean. And besides, I trust Janice. She’s a wonderful friend and I admire her creativity and her dedication to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer.

So I volunteered to be her model.

Which is not much different from freefalling into a cliff, really, and just hoping against hope that the universe will sort you out. Trust in the process, they say. So I did. Got my sister to babysit my daughter and drove out into a gloomy rainy Sunday to get all dolled up by Janice who did such an amazing job on my makeup, by the way. That girl’s got talent, I’ll tell you that much. Because I certainly don’t look like that on a daily basis. No way.

Which was why I felt like an impostor when I posted that photo of me on my Instagram and people were commenting that I looked nice. I felt like I had to bring up the cosmetic side of things to achieve that look otherwise, I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting it on bloody Instagram. I’m all about authenticity.

The shoot was a great experience. I speak for myself, though. I don’t know about Janice who had to photograph someone like me who didn’t even know how to pose, let alone arrange my face so I didn’t look as awkward as I felt.

But, see, that’s the thing. I didn’t feel that awkward. Well, most of my photos probably still turned out that way but as far as I was concerned, I actually quite enjoyed it. And I say that with all honesty.

So much so that if she’s down to do another shoot again, I’d probably still put my hand up and happily be her guinea pig.

I’m on a mission to get out of my comfort zone and see where this madness takes me.

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