Korean BBQ

Totots calls us the ‘Powerpuff Girls.’ I don’t know why. He comes up with random shit like that. He’s funny. But, yeah, Krisfaye and Met-Met are the two people I hang out the most with. My eating buddies, so to speak, as we bond over activities such as cooking and eating — with Met-Met cooking and Krisfaye and I eating. Balances out the equation perfectly.

So on this April Fool’s night, we decided to do something different. Like actually step away from our usual home-cooked meals and meet up instead at My Mom’s Kitchen, this All You Can Eat Korean BBQ at Glen Waverley. Because all those convos we have had about K-dramas while having dinner made us want to organise a Korean dinner at some point so really, we eat while talking about what to eat next.

Like I said, our friendship thrives around food.

I think we might do Japanese next.

*Raven at 5 years old

4 thoughts on “Korean BBQ

    1. i reckon we all need food buddies. they justify the binge eating so you can label it “socialisation.”

      that’s how i see it, anyway. hehe.

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