Is ice cream an essential item? Asking for a friend.

Bev stopped by this afternoon to give me — you wouldn’t guess — toilet paper! One 12-pack and another 9-pack. Given the current circumstances, that’s beyond generous. I was like, awww…. And I couldn’t even give her a proper thank you hug, if at all. It was a very quick drop off. Not even five minutes and she had to go because of the whole lockdown mandate and its respective fines.

Damn this coronavirus.

Mae made some face masks for Jeff, Raven, and me which was very thoughtful of her. I heard she bought a sewing machine especially for it. Everyone’s going DIY now with, well, pretty much everything.

I appointed myself the official shopper of my family, taking one for the team as if I’m going to war each and every time I brave the supermarkets to buy the things we need. I usually do the shopping after work, still wearing the mask from my shift. Both for my own protection and for the people around me, as well. A friend suggested I wear gloves too but, I don’t know. That’s just overkill. I reckon hand hygiene is still the way to go.

Speaking of shopping, is rocky road ice cream an “essential item”? Asking for a friend.

You know what sounds really good right now, though?


I’m thinking Daniel’s Donuts, particularly fresh cream & jam. This whole social isolation is making me crave for food I don’t normally want to eat. I don’t trust myself right now.

But I’m always down for japanese. Like that sushi party we had at Mae’s to celebrate Joe’s birthday.

Mmmm…. sushi…

*Raven at 3 years old

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