Back at it. Again.

It’s okay. You can roll your eyes. I roll my eyes too whenever I watch rollerskating videos and tell promise myself that from now on, I will dedicate 20% of my energy to learn the skill. Cross my heart and hope to die. I even wrote it on my journal as one of my New Year’s Resolution which means I’m pretty serious about it.

As serious as your vow to hit the gym and eat healthy at the start of every year.

For all my broken promises, I should’ve died 28 times already. But look, I’m wearing my skates now as we speak. My poor pretty Moxis.

In my defense, I did plan on putting my, uh, plan into action. The whole process may sound like it’s all floating in my head but for starters, I had my skates in my car the whole time. Ready for me to practice after work before going home because as soon as my ass hits the couch, it’s game over.

The goal is to practice at this huge netball court close to home but Jeff is so gay about the whole arrangement. With the area almost remote even though it’s close to residential houses so people should be able to hear me scream, he says it’s not safe and me going there on my own is non-negotiable. And besides, I don’t scream loud enough. I don’t even talk loud enough, for that matter.

Yeah, yeah.

I get it. He’s only looking out for me because who would wash his dirty socks when something happens to me? What he doesn’t get either is that I’m a lone wolf. I like to operate solo.

Also, I don’t like having a bored audience and feeling guilty for wasting their time babysitting me. He says he doesn’t mind at all. But I do. So I resolved not to call him again and start practicing on my own.

And then the coronavirus happened. Boo.

The good thing about having Jeff there, though?

That’s right. The pictures.

skating at dovetonskating at dovetonskating at dovetonskating at doveton

*Raven at 3 years old

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