where the harshness of the graffiti meets the softness of the sea

bantayan island, cebu, philippines

i don’t even know what the place is called but the local tricycle drivers we hired for the day took us there so in their books, it must have been a worthy spot. they seemed pretty proud to show it to us, even.

at first glance, it was just this rundown structure that had obviously seen better days. but then again, apparently, it was also where one of the scenes of a popular tagalog movie was shot so there you go.

it is now famous, by extension.

bantayan island, cebu, philippines

it’s not that bad, really, if you just know where to look. i actually kinda liked it — the juxtaposition between the hard, solid lines of the black graffiti paint against the soft watercolor strokes of turquoise and blue that was the sea.

the ugliness and the beauty of it, all in one place.

exactly the same way i feel about the philippines, actually. how my love for my country also means turning a blind eye to the poverty and the corruption that it is known for.

but i know better. because beneath that surface, it is a wonderful, wonderful country filled with people whose smiling eyes sparkle with hope and an intrinsic nature of friendliness, always ready for a good laugh or to sympathize when you’re lost. in which case, they’ll be more than happy to point you to the right direction.

i miss cebu.

bantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippines

i miss the simplicity of life and how the balmy afternoons seem to go by so slow. as if time is almost on a standstill.

something that is most noticeable in the quiet provinces and sleepy rural towns where the sound of motorbikes and the occasional bus are mostly the ones you hear, apart from the silence.

bantayan island, cebu, philippines

or the waves, if you’re lucky enough to live right by the beach, which is something i hope to be someday. wishful thinking.

but most of all, i just simply miss my mom and dad.

bantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippinesbantayan island, cebu, philippines

*raven at 1 year and 3 months old

10 thoughts on “where the harshness of the graffiti meets the softness of the sea

  1. Cebu looks beautiful… Lol turning a blind eye to povery and corruption. I guess that’s a way to keep on living life and focusing on yourselves and your family. Sometimes there’s only so much you can do, and the least you can do is enjoy what you got 🙂

    1. hey, mabel! omg, i feel like i haven’t talked to you here in ages!!! (my fault, i’m just in and out of wordpress like it’s a maccas drive thru.)

      you’re right. there is only so much we can do about some things that are going on in the world and i’m not exactly built to be an activist when jeff can barely hear me scream for a towel from the bathroom.

      it is what it is. the best we can do is to look at the brighter side of things and find beauty and happiness in there. 🙂

      1. It really feels like it has been ages! And I haven’t been on here too much too! Haha, a Maccas drive thru is an amazing thing 😀

        It would be great if all of us could directly help alleviate things like poverty…but that’s not always an option. The least we can do is take care of ourselves, even if it means eating a Maccas burger for dinner because, well, we need to eat dinner lol.

        1. hahaha. we sure do!

          and, yes, amen to taking care of ourselves. while i hustle like mad to prevent poverty, as is my case. hahaha. but i gotta say most people here in australia has got it good compared to those living in dire situations back home. so i’m not complaining.

          life is good. 🙂

  2. I love these photos and your thoughts. I agree, loving Cebu sometimes mean turning a blind eye to poverty and corruption. Your parents don’t seem to grow old. You and mae-ann and the kids and your parents all look great.

    1. even though every one complains about the cebu traffic, i still wanna go home. to be honest, i’d much rather go home than travel elsewhere. spend as much time with my folks when i can.

      in saying that, how was cebu’s traffic?

      1. I feel the same about spending time with family as much as I can. And if and when travel will be allowed, I want to bring all of them if I can. Kanus-a pa ta ma bilyonaryo? haha.

        Cebu traffic is tolerable this year for me. Perhaps because I have accepted how worse it has gotten. Acceptance and tolerance. I was able to walk around fuente and sto.nino area a little bit. Nostalgic.

        1. did you? i would love to walk around there next time sad. just, you know, go down memory lane and smell national bookstore, or browse through booksale at robinsons and then eat ngohiong with puso down at the foodcourt like the old times. i miss that.

          and, yes, i ask that question myself, except that i’m happy to just be a millionaire. i guess i can make do with that. hahaha.

          1. You really should do it. It feels the same and different at the same time. I find myself wanting to re-live times when maglakaw pa kos eskina, mupalit puto ug tablea for sikwate. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that. For one, wa na ko katultol asa na dapit ang bag-o nga putu-han. And I didn’t feel re-acquainted enough with the area to risk being robbed or stabbed at 6am. Perhaps a month more on top of 2.5wks would help me feel safer walking alone near our house again. haha.

            1. i know. bisan sauna kay hypervigilant man gihapon ko sa palibot kay kahibaw naka, daghan sad bayag mga boang. dili ra baya kita. hahahaha.

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