officially on a records hunt

jeff has decided to go back to dj-ing now, old-school style. think vinyls and record players and your grandparents cranking that thing up while dancing around or sitting quietly in their lounge room. something we do once in a while here at home. jeff has a huge collection of records.

he taught me how to operate his turntable, and how the stylus (needle) is so sensitive that when laying it down on the record, i hold my breath so i could do it nice and slow — the way he wants it done. he gets very pedantic about those things.

it’s also the only time he cleans up after me ‘coz it’s usually the other way around. and so i annoy him back by playing my favorite records and not putting them back in their sleeves when i’m done.

he complains.

the passive-aggressive in me smiles impishly.

trash and treasures, dandenongtrash and treasures, dandenong

last sunday, we went to the trashies to expand his collection. he’s currently on the lookout for 70’s and 80’s music that he can play to an older audience because obviously, that’s his target market because they’re probably the only ones left who can appreciate the good ol’ days and knows what those round thingies are called.

jeff’s right. there is a difference listening to music the old-school way. for some inexplicable reason, it feels like there’s more substance to it. like i could close my eyes and the music waves would be dancing all around me and i’m not even drunk.

i’m guessing it’s similar to wine body and how it feels in your mouth. except that in the record’s case, it’s how it sounds in your ear. you know what i mean?

and so now i wanna start my own record collection. jeff’s is more R&B and hip hop and some oldies as well.

i want nirvana and guns ‘n roses, to start with. but for $60 a pop for the new, unopened ones, i’m happy to take my time. something secondhand for a quarter of the price is bound to come up.

i’m optimistic like that. 🙂

*raven at 2 years old

3 thoughts on “officially on a records hunt

  1. I would unequivocally support your nirvana collection. I know how much you love that band so yes go. Ganahan kaayo jud ko anang imong outfit jan. You are amazing. Nganong gamayng tawo naman kaayo ni si raven uy!!! magkakatawa jud ko makakita niya…I wonder what music she likes as well.

    I don’t think I have ‘jammed’ (lols, tigulang) to a plaka ever. One of these days, I might.

    1. if you have no plaka, there’s always spotify. there are no hard and fast rules to jamming — except maybe to jam your heart out.

      as to how that works, i have no idea. lately i’m stuck in a monotonous rut of adulting.


      1. haha. jamming isn’t really the issue jan.. it’s jamming to the “plaka”. i have google music so that’s kinda like spotify too. 😀 and yes, same here, there are days when it seems like it’s a ‘wake-up, grind, sleep’ type of day — the kind where not much really happens.

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