1000 books before school

the program is called ‘1000 books before school,’ a literacy campaign initiated by the state government of victoria to get kids into reading before they start school. raven has always loved books anyway so when i saw the marketing flyers at doveton library, i was like, why not? i just wish i had done it sooner, had i known about it then.

the registration was pretty straightforward. and free. i just whipped out my beloved library card and signed her up. walked out the door with her starter kit which was a bag with reading charts and stickers in it, as well as a few books i borrowed so she’d have something new to read.

i have to say that the whole sticker reward thing really took her interest in reading to a whole new level. i mean, sure, she has always liked books but since taping the chart next to her bed so it’s easily accessible to her, she just wants to read. and read. and read. and read.

“read a book!” she would say in that irresistible singsong voice of hers, punctuated with a smile. “please!” she’d continue, as an added effect. laying her charm on nice and thick.


i’m half asleep and she’d be there waking me up so i can read her a book so she can put a sticker on whatever random spot on the chart she fancies because she obviously doesn’t subscribe to the idea of going about it chronologically, which initially disturbed the OCD in me.

nighttime is the same story. except, expect to read at least two books. at least. by the time you say “the end” and before you even get the chance to close the book, she has already jumped up excitedly.

“reading sticker!!!” she’d exclaim enthusiastically.

1000 books before school

so, anyway, she finished her first 100 books last week. about 3 weeks after i signed her up. she knew i was taking her to the library on this day to get her reward and she couldn’t wait.

doveton library

admittedly, neither could i. if anything, i felt like i deserved a reward too. you know, for those times i was involuntarily taken by her charms even though i wasn’t really in the mood to read with her. because, i’m not the perfect mom. and there are days when i just REALLY wanna curl up on my side of the bed and read MY own book in peace.

doveton librarydoveton library

for her reward, she got a pack of flashcards. she was pretty excited about it and i was too… until we get home and the cards are lying around everywhere and i’m at my wit’s end trying to keep a clean house. i was gonna say “maintain,” but that would suggest that our house is normally mess-free but it’s not.

hell, no.

top choice restaurant, noble parktop choice restaurant, noble park

lunch was at our usual spot. it’s called top choice restaurant, in noble park. the only restaurant i don’t mind going back again and again because it’s the only place outside of home where raven ever really eats — a lot. at first she and jeff just shared a plate but then she would eat more than half of it that jeff was left eating her leftover. so now she gets her own order of hotdog and rice which isn’t hotdog, really. it’s just easier to say compared to ‘mock pork tenderloin’ which is what it really is, anyway. although don’t get me started on what mock meats are made of because i still imagine it to be shredded cardboard but i doubt vegans would find that funny.

and, no, she’s not a vegan baby.

noble park skate parknoble park skate park

scooter baby, yes.

and although she’s already 2 years old, she will always be a baby to me. i don’t care.

*raven at 2 years old

6 thoughts on “1000 books before school

  1. Congrats Jan! Congrats Raven! That is quite an achievement! 100 books!! 🙂 I love raven. I love her videos over at Jeff’s IG even when I feel I really should just hug her at times. haha.

      1. Hahaha. She is big. And I like that she is becoming her own person and she understands some things I tell her. I was beginning to get worried that she’s really spoiled rotten. But she is and isn’t. She’s perfectly normal and funny and really smart.

        Ganahan baya ko makameet ni raven some day. I met andrew and zeev. Puro cute and puro brayt and kiatan. hehe. Those boys scared the life out of me.

        1. yeah, they go through all these phases. sometimes i wonder if raven is spoiled as well because jeff can’t seem to say no to her so i have to play the bad cop all the time just to balance things out. but she’s a sweet kid. and right now, she is exactly that — just a kid.

          i look at mishka now and i see aeva and how they seem so big and grown up already. i have to remind myself that until they turn 18, they’re still kids to me. hehe.

          i would love for you to meet raven someday sad. you know you’re always welcome in our house should you decide to see some kangaroos on a roadkill in australia, right? 🙂

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