it all started with peace lilies

over the course of a few months, i have acquired a bit of plant collection. bunnings is my go-to dealer, but once in a while i score my, um, stash at random flower shops as well. like that time i busted my money on a bridal veil plant, string of pearls, and a snake plant somewhere on main street in mornington. all in one hit. it was the bridal veil that caught my fancy, all lush and healthy, with tiny buds at the tips promising to give me some flowers. the rest was when my brain went, f%ck it, might as well die broke but happy.

the other time was at warburton, but i told you about that already.

it is quite addicting, plants. but at the same time, it’s also quite nice to see how they’re progressing in their plant life. or should i say, how well they’re surviving under my care. i just recently moved my monstera to a corner spot next to the tv and the heater and she seems quite happy there. you should’ve seen my amazement when i saw little droplets on the tips of its leaves! i took it as a positive sign. google said it’s the result of overwatering and that i should stop or else i will kill it for sure. further research suggests it could simply be guttation, a by-product of a plant’s normal ‘breathing,’ if i understood it right. kind of like us sweating, i reckon.

my peace lilies look bald in some spots. i recently bought a proper pair of pruning shears and let’s just say i got carried away. but in my defense, i was just cutting off the damaged leaves she acquired from her previous owner. (i bought her secondhand from this lady moving houses in narre warren. one of the best $20 i ever spent.)

those are the plants. on the other side of the addiction are the pots.

no, not the ones that you smoke.

so, anyway, i bought some pots the other day and decided to give my snake plant a makeover. in the process, i transferred the plant jeff’s mom gave me into a pot with soil as i felt that it had enough roots already. it had been sitting in water for some time now to make the roots grow. keeping my fingers crossed that it would be okay.

that was yesterday morning. that was me on a foggy sunday morning… doing some gardening.

i have officially unlocked grandma level.

look who came out to play with me.


*raven at 2 years old

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