a very low-key 37th

for his 37th, he wanted a laid-back birthday celebration. the introvert in me couldn’t be any more happier as that means less panic attacks for me having to cook or prepare something for people. not that i cook. chances are, i’d probably just order a party tray at ho inn to save me a trip to the psychiatric ward. antisocial personality disorder is real, i’m telling you.

the morning saw us having breakfast at 11am at A1 lebanese bakery in dandenong. our usual order of vegetarian pizza, spinach & feta cheese fatayer (pastry triangles), and a nice small cup of cappuccino. two sugars.

we were meant to go on a road trip, as was decided the day before. but with all of southeast victoria’s glorious parks and landscapes, we couldn’t think of anywhere to go. and the fact that we started the day late obviously meant that we couldn’t drive too far. not that i wanted to. i guess secretly, i just wanted to be driven around while staying toasty in the car even if there’s really no particular destination in mind.

which kind of summarizes my life, basically.

village cinemas, glen waverley

so that’s how we ended up at the village cinemas in glen waverley. because at some point during the pointless car ride, you have to decide where to go lest you find yourself in adelaide.

popcorn and coke in hand, a squirming 2-year old in another, we watched deadpool 2. or rather, jeff watched deadpool 2 while i watched raven running up and down the carpeted aisle stairs when she wasn’t on all fours pointing to the stars printed on it. or eating a popcorn off it.

that last part i kind of missed as i momentarily shifted my focus towards the screen like you’re meant to do under normal circumstances because that’s what you came and paid for in the first place. by the time i saw her put something in her mouth out of the corner of my eye, it was too late. so i just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best that all the good bacteria in the yakult i had been giving her would rise to the occasion.

speaking of bacteria, happy birthday, jeffy! i love you sooo much. sometimes.

*raven at 2 years old

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