giving rollerblading a go at 1 in the morning

i know, i know.

i should’ve listened to jeff when he said rollerblades are so much easier to learn i would’ve gotten them instead of rollerskates. but my red moxis are so cute, though! i mean, you gotta give it that. and i will always be a girly girl so i can’t help it if i tend to gravitate towards pretty stuff. nevermind if they hardly serve their purpose because i can barely skate in them.

but it’s not the skates. it’s me. i just need to give it a bit more time and a whole lot of effort so it’s not like i’m totally ditching them. i don’t even have the heart to sell them off.


“do you wanna look cute, or do you wanna learn to skate?” nathan, one of jeff’s friends who used to work in a skating rink before, asked. that question made me stop and think.

the answer’s pretty obvious but is it too much to ask if i actually want both?

so, anyway, i finally joined the other side. jeff made me one night while raven was sleeping.

surprise, surprise.

it was actually fun. of course i’m still the scaredy cat that i am. the kind who needs to know exactly where the skates tend to fall (forward or backward?) so i can mentally prepare myself for it. as if it would soften the blow. a false sense of security but that’s how my brain is wired, i guess. i take risk analysis to the next level because i’m fun and spontaneous like that.

for now, the plan is to continue practicing using jeff’s skates even though they’re one or two sizes too big for my feet. should be alright. but when i finally get my own, my laces are gonna be so extra.

like jeff.

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