hitting the big 7-0

rosie's birthday

over chicken schnitzel (note to self: order off the kids menu next time!) and lemon, lime & bitters, lunch today was a celebratory one — a nod to rosie’s big 7-0. her actual birthday was 3 days ago but i guess when you hit that age, and with all the friends you’ve acquired through the years, birthday celebrations can stretch to a week.

as a matter of fact, she has another date with other friends tomorrow for the exact same reason.

rosie's birthday

with her beautiful smile and the way she still dolls herself up with clothes and accessories in her favorite color (you have to be colorblind not to see it), she makes 70 look like 50. like, literally.

happy birthday to one of the most amazing women i know and love. 🙂

2 thoughts on “hitting the big 7-0

    1. it is. not everyone gets to be that age and still have such vibrancy and zest for life no matter the heartaches and trials she went through.

      i have the feeling if you knew her, you would like her too. she’s very craftsy too. well, used to be.

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