czarina’s album launch: you’re the one

once in a while, i get out of my cave to attend gatherings that can only be described as “social.” on those rare and special occasions, i doll myself up. make myself look human, at least. otherwise, it’s just me and my albino eyebrows quietly crocheting in the corner keeping an eye on the baby that she doesn’t pull on my yarn and interrupt my flow. or worse, strangle herself with it.

80% of the time, crochet wins. i don’t know what it is about this geriatric-associated activity but i love it! even if i never get to finish my projects because i always run out of yarns because i suck at estimating how much i need. if it’s not crochet, it’s for the basic fact that i’m very much a homebody. no further explanations necessary.

it’s just more challenging getting myself ready now, post-baby. i mean, pre-baby it still took me ages but now that there’s two of us i need to prep, there is such a thing as forever.

czarina's album launchczarina's album launchczarina's album launch

and forget about wearing heels. i did contemplate on it but judging from the amount of chasing i reckoned i would be doing, nevermind. and besides, i sprained my right foot five days ago when i accidentally stepped on her toy. i fully twisted it, i kid you not. the pain was unreal but what can you do but soldier on and manage your own injury with what’s left of your limited knowledge in nursing. a bit of cold compress and bandage and i was limping back tor regular programming.

it still hurts until now and i’m patiently waiting for my foot to heal even if we both know it might take more time considering how i’m always on my feet at work. but as they say around here, “she’ll be right, mate!”

if there’s one thing i learned from this situation, it’s to buy dressy flats. like, asap. but only if they’re on sale because i’m cheap like that.

czarina's album launch

last friday, we were invited to czarina’s birthday and album launch at branches at the bay in mordialloc. she’s one of jeff’s friends and clients. very creative. but the thing i like most about her is how warm and genuine she is. like, she’s the kind of person you can be totally honest with and she wouldn’t judge you for it. she’s very open about her life too, some of which she expresses through her music.

all in all, she’s a great person. and by that, i mean i wouldn’t mind getting out of my fluffy pink robe to get out of the house to support her.

of her music videos that jeff produced, my favorite would have to be under your spell. mainly because we did it here at home and i was jeff’s assistant. this was the time when jeff was still using bulky canon cameras and i was assigned to do the slider shots. i captured some really good shots and i was proud of my work. it wasn’t an easy task but i kind of got into the groove once i got the hang of it. so, yeah, this music video i hold close to my heart.

same with masquerade. that was a fun shoot as well. except for the part where we were driving around a remote area in mornington peninsula on an empty petrol. jeff and i exchanging a long and teasing conversation about his past while at the backseat, totots nervously kept asking, “um, guys, can we still make it?”

song-wise, my most favorite would have to be boomerang. it’s a very catchy tune. the kind you put on endless replay while hanging out at frankston beach. or maybe that’s just me.

czarina's album launchczarina's album launch

anyhow, for the rest of the night, i did the glamorous job of being a mom — feeding a hyperactive toddler, catching her on time before she knocks down microphone stands or cocktail glasses or herself.

czarina's album launch

chasing her around and within the crowd wasn’t something i was up for. good thing jeff was happy to do the job. and so, for the rest of the night, they bonded over a game of chase with him as the designated it.

czarina's album launchczarina's album launch

it was so cute, though, watching raven dancing and clapping while czarina was performing onstage. she seems like a very happy kid. except when she’s cranky and starts throwing tantrums.

all in all, it was a good night. i’m glad i went. 🙂

czarina's album launchczarina's album launchczarina's album launch

it’s 3:52am and this post is getting too long so i won’t even bother proofreading this. to my fellow grammar assholes, i apologize in advance.

good night.

*raven at 1 year & 4 months old

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