so this is what happens when you heed the powerful call of the bed to take a “quick nap” and ask the husband to wake you up in 10 minutes before you go straight to sleep all the way to the morning.

he does, but only after vandalizing your page with some random shiz.

once in a while, i do get out of my cave to attend acting class, cause you know like most people do have life to attend to as of now the zombie has came out only to live once again among humans, uhh why am I so dramatic, lets get back to the story as we wonder for car park sticking our face flat by the window to read parking signs all that left is a crown and ill do a blow fish. Ha gezz you need to snap out mate, move along with the proceeding s as we finally risk the Wool Worth’s parking a short stroll to the corner @the Bay ?  walk upstairs to stair in to people and interaction, this is coming from the eyes of which I’m in search for  Raven eyes is its straight ? or is one off and Im about to go in PANIC mode research internet science and I’m about to burn the web with my hysteria and a side of Im a mother its my default.

LINK >?>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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