speaking of hair…


most days, my hair’s just blah.

that doesn’t bother me at all because i never even really bother to style it anyway, let alone comb it. even at this length, it’s pretty much wash and go for me.

so when my hair accidentally looks oh-so-fabulous in pictures with no effort whatsoever, i have got to give it the air time it deserves. times like this are few and far between, if at all.

no, i didn’t do anything special to it. at the time, i just had a shower so it was still kind of damp and was in the process of drying up. maybe that’s the magic hour to get beautiful messy beach hair without having to subject your mane to heat and chemical sprays.

or maybe it’s the lauat shampoo i’ve been using lately.

say what???

you probably never heard of the name either. the first time i did, i was like, “what the heck is that?”

apparently, it’s an herbal shampoo. of its 3 major ingredients, i’m only familiar with coconut oil because, duh, everyone knows what coconut oil is. the other two, i had to google: lawat leaves and gugo, the latter more of a filipino term which, upon further research, is supposed to be a large woody vine. another page said it’s the bark of a tree. either way, they use it to make shampoo.

all three ingredients combined, plus whatever else the company added in which i can only hope for my sake are not radioactive, lauat shampoo is basically for hair fall treatment.

something i kind of desperately needed as my hair started shedding LIKE CRAZY at around 4 months postpartum. (that, and raven keeps pulling on my hair now. HARD. i don’t know where this kid gets her strength from!) i swear, i honestly thought i was going bald. an exaggerated and somewhat inappropriate reaction considering that i knew for a fact that (a) it was purely a hormonal thing; (b) it was perfectly normal post-pregnancy; and (c) things would settle down in a few months’ time.

i still panicked anyway. that’s how i roll.

so when a friend suggested the shampoo, i asked my mom to bring some. and here we are.


don’t fall under the impression that my hair’s always this marvelous, though. it’s not. like i said, that was an accident and i don’t know how it happened. must be the angle or the light or just the effect of newly-washed, uncombed hair. all i know is, 5 minutes later, my hair was back at its blah state again.

i don’t think lauat shampoo gives you glorious hair, really. but what i have noticed is that my hair fall has been significantly reduced in the 2 weeks that i have been using it every other day. i daresay, by about 80-90%. no bullshit. this isn’t a sponsored post.

so far, so good. (note to self: ask my mom to send me more of that shit.)

as far as application goes, it doesn’t quite give you that much lather compared to your regular shampoo so i have to mix it with water first in a different container so i can distribute the solution equally on my scalp. that seems to do the trick for me.

also, unlike your regular shampoo, lauat makes your hair… how do i say it?

not soft.

like it just gives it a squeaky clean feeling where your hair feels stringy afterwards, even after using their leave-on conditioner. i don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but at the end of the day, it does what it claims to do so i can’t complain.


the photo on the right was when my hair was already completely dry. if you look closer, MY HAIR LOOKS FUCKING DRY! hahaha.

so, yeah, that’s lauat shampoo for you. you might wanna give it a go if you’re having some hair fall issues as well. i just thought i’d share this little piece of discovery with you.

too bad they don’t sell it here in australia. mine’s running out.

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