wilson botanic park berwick

wilson botanic park berwick

a duck cuts through the stillness of the lake on a mild friday afternoon.

and there i was… wrestling with the fucking polarizer because i can’t see shit with all the freaking backlight, complaining about how that little contraption attached to the lens messes up my photo while behind me raven is sleeping and jeff is justifying its use and how it makes the pictures a hundred times better(!) and that i need to learn to embrace it because the devil is in the detail it creates.

i love photography. i haven’t done much shooting lately and i do miss it. but it’s kind of hard when i’m trying to get the perfect angle with one arm strapped to the baby stroller’s safety grip so it wouldn’t roll away with my kid in it. trust me, i know what i’m talking about. i tried it one time at hosier lane. see if i was capable of multi-tasking. the physical limitation alone left me with a sore waist from all the contortions my body was forced to do —  all for that picture-perfect shot. which turned out blurry anyway.

after that, i just order jeff around to take photos of the things i want him to take which is fun in itself too. except when i ask him to take a picture of me and i look dumb in it and i whinge and he comforts me by saying it’s okay because it captures the real me and i’m suddenly like, wtf?!

wilson botanic park berwick

but on this day, i decided to take some photos, stopping every now and then to appreciate the beautiful scenery around me before pressing the shutter button. automatic setting, of course. i was using jeff’s camera and the polarizer was still a bitch but it was a bitch i was starting to get friendly with. birds of the same feather, so they say.

the view of the lake is the kind that induces poetry inside you: sun’s out and the foliage is mirrored on the water and you just wanna sit down, breathe it all in, take out your pen and paper and write a lyrical description of what you see and what it’s making you feel right to your very soul.

in my case, i just wanted to whip out my clover amour hook and happily crochet my life away. #don’tjudgeme #newaddiction #officiallyagrandma

wilson botanic park berwick

you know what else i discovered?


there are actually turtles in the lake! that amazed me because… really, turtles?

i realize there’s so much i don’t know about the creatures below the surface. the ducks, i see. the dead bodies… omigod, let’s not even go there.

wilson botanic park berwick

the park is actually a nice place to go for a jog if you’re one of those people who’s into: (a) fitness; or (b) making new year’s resolutions of going to the gym but never taking the time to bother signing up because they’re freaking expensive especially when you hardly make the most out of it because you’d rather stay home and eat.

i, myself, am not really into fitness and my mostly unused gym membership recently expired BUT yesterday i bought this really cute cotton on sports bra so it looks like i might be dragging my lazy ass for a walk soon to give my $10 purchase some form of justice. it was on sale. and, yes, i’m going to go for a walk every day from now on, rain or shine. no excuses.

HAHAHAHA. just kidding.

while we’re on the subject, i should tell you about that time i bought myself a fitbit. for my standards, it was freaking expensive, mind you. i used it maybe 1 month, max. while it did kind of inspire me to take more steps on a daily basis, having that thing on my wrist ALL DAY LONG was like wearing an alcohol monitor. you know what i mean? i don’t know how to explain it but at some point, i felt like it was choking me. psychologically, it was stifling, suffocating, smothering. you name it, i felt it.

as to why i don’t wear my wedding ring… i keep forgetting, okay?!

(for the record, jeff doesn’t wear his either. the reason being it’s dangerous considering his line of work. or so he says.)

wilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwickwilson botanic park berwick

on this day, raven turned 9 months old and each day, our love for her grows more and more. not to brag or anything but i think she’s a really smart kid. whenever i say “kiss mama,” she goes and plants a wet, sloppy kiss on my face. the first time she did, i found it so adorable i kept asking her to do it over and over again. also to check if it wasn’t a one-time coincidence. it wasn’t. she really does understand. so now el2 and jeff play the same game with her and she responds appropriately when she’s not distracted by, well, everything else.

as her mother, i feel like a proud dog owner whose puppy just learned to follow a simple command and it’s all because i taught her well.

next up: training her to roll over.

no, wait, she did that already. by herself! so, hmmm… jump through hoops, maybe?

*raven at 9 months old

8 thoughts on “wilson botanic park berwick

    1. same here. i don’t even think it’s an issue at all, knowing how some people believe that you have to wear your ring ALL THE TIME.

      besides, i hardly wear jewelry lately, as my baby has this habit of pulling everything she sees and trying to eat them. hehe. you can probably relate to that too.

  1. It looks like the perfect day to be out in the park discovering something new. That’s great when you don’t need to travel far for a nice afternoon… Raven is such a beautiful baby, and your photos turned out great… so does that mean the frustration with the polarizer was worth it?

    1. in this case, yes. but to be honest with you, i probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a photo using a polarizer and one without it. lol.

  2. I don’t blame you for not wearing your wedding ring. I find rings with things on top or with things jutting out get in the way of things, like hooking onto them easily. The only ring I wear is a flat open-circle karma ring.

    This place looks so beautiful. I need to check it out at some point. Lol. I was expecting raven to jump after the birds and turtles :”D And look at Jeff and his rollerblades again! Looking sharp and you look like you are enjoying the sunshine 🙂

    1. yeah, i feel the same way too, with rings getting in the way or snagging on clothes or whatever. it’s especially hard if you have a kid you have to pick up and/or carry around. but i have to admit i like looking at statement jewelry, though, for the aesthetic purpose of it. maybe someday when raven’s old enough i’ll get into properly accessorizing myself.

      berwick park is beautiful. i like that place, especially the lakes. if parks are your thing, you should drop by there for a visit. or you can go to the cranbourne one. you know, the botanical garden? have you been?

      1. I have heard of the Cranbourne one and am planning on going! The red-orange ground looks so good in photos and I am already thinking up ways to take photos, lol. I am also hoping to go to the Blue Lotus Garden this year – but it costs quite a bit to go in 😦 Haha, it is hard getting around these days for me since I don’t have a car, lol.

        1. i’ve seen a friend’s picture of the blue lotus garden. it looks like an interesting place to go too. it’s amazing how there are actually a lot of other places to visit in victoria that are not as popular as the ones promoted by the city of melbourne. all potential blog materials. lol.

          it drizzled when we went to cranbourne garden so we weren’t really able to do a full tour. i plan on going back there as well.

          looking forward to seeing your photos. i’m sure they’ll turn out beautiful, as always. =)

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